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Retirement Income Design & Distribution Planning

Retirement Planning is a constantly evolving process, much different than past generations. Why? Because you are in charge of what your golden years will look like – Congratulations! For the majority, gone are the defined benefit pension plans, guaranteeing a monthly income. Enter the defined contribution pension plan, or in most cases, a 401(k) or 403(b), where you defer money AND invest/manage it as well. Great, just what you wanted, another job. Manage it well, live well. Anything less…good luck.

Planning for your retirement is not easy. You now have more freedom in how to invest, diversify, and manage your retirement funds, hoping to maximize your returns. However, without in-depth knowledge of the retirement planning process, you may find that your retirement funds are not growing at the rate you like or need. Let the Retirement Income Design & Distribution Experts (RID2E) at Zandlo Wealth Advisors provide you the opportunity to retire with financial comfort and peace of mind, you so deserve.

How does planning for your retirement work?

Retirement planning incorporates several factors including saving, investing, timing, plus many more. Throw in Social Security, along with the ultimate question, “When should I take Social Security?” and the answer is:  It Depends. On what you ask?
Retirement planning is not an art or science but a blend of both, each fraught with the caveat of ‘no do overs.’ Get it wrong and oops! Too bad. However, the earlier you start planning for your retirement, invariably, good things follow into your golden years.
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Start planning for your retirement today

Now imagine being personally guided by a Certified Financial Planner professional and other allied individuals whose sole purpose is to get it right. For YOU. That is the fiduciary duty embraced at Zandlo Wealth Advisors, so although you control your destiny, take action and explore what your next stage in life may look like. After all, hope is not a strategy. Let the CFP professionals at ZWA give you the RID2E you deserve.

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