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Professional Fiduciary Advisers, LLC (PFA) has a very simple mission: Provide Plan Sponsors with peace of mind. How does PFA do that? Simply by acting as a fiduciary and placing the client’s best interest first, while providing objective and actionable advice, relative to each, unique retirement plan. Whether it be as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary, PFA will guide the plan sponsor, making certain all applicable ERISA rules are followed. Compliance is at the forefront of every relationship and every solution is uniquely tailored for the plan sponsor and employee participants.

Succinctly, ‘Money Invested + Professional Expertise Leveraged = The Benefit of a Lifetime™ for all.’

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Flexibility is the key to every relationship with PFA. As a Plan Sponsor, you decide the level of involvement and can select from three comprehensive services:

  • The Benefit of a Lifetime™

    Structured as company-paid fringe benefit or a de minimis employee-paid benefit, this multi-decade, trademarked program provides employees actionable and objective financial advice, not only for their ongoing 401(k) contributions, but their complete financial lives. Coordinated with your company’s employee benefit package, The Benefit of a Lifetime™ combines technology and guidance from a CFP™ Professional, all in a fiduciary environment, resulting in a more educated and money-confident employee.

  • 3(21) Fiduciary

    This relationship to the Plan Sponsor is primarily limited to giving advice and making recommendations about how a 401(k)’s assets are to be invested and keep the 401(k) in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) and ERISA requirements. The 3(21) fiduciary may present the Plan Sponsor with viable investment solutions (Mutual Funds, Target-Date Funds, Model Portfolios, etc.) in order to fulfill the objectives of the written Investment Policy Statement and provide ongoing analysis and benchmarking for review.

  • 3(38) Fiduciary

    This relationship to the Plan Sponsor performs all the 3(21) responsibilities listed above AND assumes full fiduciary responsibility and liability to help the Plan Sponsor manage the 401(k) in the everyone’s best interests. This may include adding/subtracting the 401(k) investment options, without Plan Sponsor approval, in addition to other agreed upon duties.

Regardless of the level of service provided, PFA will always act in a fiduciary capacity, led by a CFP™ professional in all Plan Sponsor and Employee interactions, in order to give The Benefit of a Lifetime™.

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