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Greetings, world.

Welcome to my take on personal finance and how it affects our lives. I figured if other people can do this, so can I. I see all the same media talking heads, opine either on TV, Radio, Online or in Print, but very few are on the front lines, actually advising clients for their professional career. Anyone can give financial advice, but how good is it? Did you avoid the 2007-2009 equity cratering? Do you examine your financial life from your Net Worth and not just Assets? Do you carry a mortgage? Do you like the Federal Reserve and how the are monetizing our debt, wanting to ignite inflation, in order to stave off deflation? I could go on and I will, but suffice to say, I bring a blue collar, straight-forward approach to counseling clients, meaning I tell it like it is. Plus, I’ll utilize over 25 years of financial planning and small business wisdom in our dialogue, since I have a stake in thriving, not surviving, in this orchestrated economy. Practical advice, strong opinions and common sense. Who could ask for anything more?

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