Iceberg, Dead Ahead!!!

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Feels like April 14, 1912 all over again. Not so much actually hitting the iceberg, but the fact there are only so many lifeboats for way too many passengers.

Fast forward to present day and the clamoring to exit any asset class is experiencing the same déjà vu.

Now that the Fed is out of “conventional” bullets, what’s next? Throw out the antiquated playbook and create policy in real time and on the fly, is my educated guess.

Irrespective of what comes out of Washington, what are can a hard working person can do now? First, compare your current investments with your written Investment Policy Statement. Are you still within your bands of asset allocation? Has your time horizon changed? How about your risk tolerance? Trust, but verify.

Second, Cash is King. How are your reserves? I truly hope you have the 3-6 requisite months available. Testing is now in session.

Third, breathe. As a critical component within ‘The Benefit of Lifetime”(TM) program, focusing on yourself is paramount. There are only so many things you can control, thus do it. For everything else, shut out all the noise you can’t control.

We are in unchartered waters. Safety, personal and financial, depends on your ability to navigate with clarity and focus.

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