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So we begin the Roaring 20’s. Question is, will this decade mimic it’s counterpart of a century ago? For the early part, I hope so, but definitely NOT the end, as 1929 wasn’t a very good year.

But for now, it’s blue skies ahead and the mantra ‘Mo Mo Mo’ is in vogue. Momentum is fantastic when it works in your favor and as long as the Fed maintains ‘Easy Money’, not much will change the moonshot of equities.

I really feel for anyone needing income from their investments as they have gotten crushed by World Central Banks race to zero interest rates and lower. However, one must get creative in generating income (not just dividend-paying stocks) and that is a pleasant problem. Solutions are out there, you just need to do your homework and be able to accept a certain amount of risk to get a reward.

Ah, risk. Any financial advisor, stockbroker, CFP(R), better be talking to you about that concept that seems quite foreign. If not, duck and cover. Should the US consumer ever tap out and reduce spending, should housing slow down, even with ultra low interest rates and should someone radical win the White House later this year, I truly hope you are prepared. Otherwise, blue skies will turn one of the Fifty Shades of Gray and your money will be in peril.

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