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Coordinating and connecting your financial life starts here.

You might be early in your working career, newly married, perhaps a child on the way, but you certainly desire to coordinate and take control of your financial destiny. For some, a summary financial plan is all it will take to get started, while for many, a comprehensive financial plan will be the foundation and lifeblood of your future financial success that will constantly be evolving over your dynamic lifespan. Careful planting, nurturing, pruning, and watering will yield a bountiful financial harvest.

Emerging Clients at NEAM, a professional woman, looks out the window | Twin Cities-based Certified Financial Planner at North East Asset Management

Aspiring Individuals

Life is good and simple

With a working career in effect and obligations met with ease, wealth building is a primary objective with work/life balance a close second. Or maybe the other way around. Just like any life endeavor, financial planning is rather straightforward at this life stage. Take time to organize and coordinate your financial life, access digitally anywhere, sprinkle in an occasional interaction with a CFP professional, and life is good and simple.

Discerning Married Couples

"We've only just begin" a journey on the road of life

Many lanes will be a smooth ride, but inevitably some peaks and valleys occur. Family on the way? Maybe; maybe not. What is certain is a desire to enjoy and experience the best life has to offer… for now. That may be travel, starting a business, buying a home, or something else. Planning to achieve success is well thought out, then executed because you never know when the road will change.

Emerging Clients at NEAM, a newly-married couple, celebrates on their wedding day | Twin Cities-based Certified Financial Planner at North East Asset Management
Emerging Clients at NEAM, a young couple, kisses while holding their sonogram | Twin Cities-based Certified Financial Planner at North East Asset Management

Expanding Family Units

“Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage”

So the reference may be dated, but many times it morphs into baby and carriage. Two become three, four, or more and soon a full house. Parent agendas become subservient to children, and it really doesn’t change for the rest of your life. Let a NEAM CFP™ professional leverage your time and help plan for a multitude of future life events.

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