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Financial peace of mind is timeless.

Years ago, through your hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, you had positioned yourself for ultimate but complex success. However, in your flourishing career twilight, you now have questions on how best to maximize yet simplify your highly appreciated stock, an inheritance, tax-efficient future income, let alone the legacy you envision. Your comprehensive financial plan is your starting point that coordinates activity and action among your professional advisors as you confidently implement financial solutions that are solely in your best interest.

A mother who is an elite client at NEAM plays with kids on a tablet. | Minneapolis-St. Paul Financial Planning | North East Asset Management

Engaged Family Units

You've got a lot going on.

Let me guess: Working spouses, active school children (academics AND activities), home, shopping, travel, organizations, meetings, dinner, walk the dog, multi-generational issues, browsing, posting, sleep, and so on. Miss anything? You’re busy, engaged with multiple priorities and, oh, by the way, you are in charge of your financial present and future. Let NEAM leverage your most precious commodity: Time.

Thriving Empty Nesters

You have more time on your hands.

On second thought, has much changed from your busy lifestyle while the kids were still home? Probably not, save for a few less school activities, yet the pace of life keeps moving right along. Hopefully more travel, fun stuff, etc. but nonetheless, slowing down or retiring is on the horizon and several challenges lie ahead. The ‘DIME’ concept (Design, Implement, Monitor, Evaluate) helps smooth that glide into that path of life.

A husband and wife, empty nesters who are elite clients at NEAM, hug each other on their tropical vacation. | Minneapolis-St. Paul Financial Planning | North East Asset Management
A woman who is an elite client at NEAM, views her financial statements on a computer | Minneapolis-St. Paul Financial Planning | North East Asset Management

Purpose-Driven Retirees

“What is your sense of purpose?”

Let’s list some possibilities: Grandchildren, volunteering, legacy building, entrepreneurship, faith, and more. Whatever “moves” you, chances are money, in one form or another, will be an important factor in feeding that ‘Sense of Purpose’. A life well planned is a life well lived, thus take time to maximize your time, your talent, and your treasure.

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