Client Digital Experience

"The fiduciary expertise of a CFP Professional leveraged with artificial intelligence to provide a state-of-the-art financial planning experience."

That is ZWA’s simple mission statement of fusing objective, fiduciary advice, and technology. This takes the The Benefit of a Lifetime™ and powers it to the nth degree, simply to make your financial life easier and better. To that end, ZWA has allied with industry-leading financial firms and strong digital partners in order to deliver a safe and confident, 21st Century financial planning experience.

Benefits of the Client Digital Experience include:

1v1 relationship with a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Provide tech-savvy clients secure web and mobile account access, anywhere in the world

Complete integration of your financial life in one, easy-to-use technology portal

Advanced digital planning and financial management tools

Real-time tracking of your financial accounts, net worth and more

Comprehensive, holistic, and fiduciary-driven financial solutions

On-going meetings occur in-person (preferred), virtually, and/or via conference call

Personal attention to detail resulting from ZWA’s conscious decision to limit clientele

A limited clientele = your exclusive financial relationship reaps the rewards

Additional features are constantly being added to enhance the Client Digital Experience

For over 35 years, Zandlo Wealth Advisors has Designed and Implemented our Clients Comprehensive Financial and Retirement Plans, then Monitored and Evaluated the Entire Client Relationship, which is now completely enhanced via the Client Digital Experience.

Learn more about how YOU can benefit from an

exclusive financial relationship

with Zandlo Wealth Advisors and the Client Digital Experience.

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